We have something (n)ice on the way…

We have something (n)ice on the way…


You have been loving the King Cobra design, and we have had to get a restock in place for that recently. If you have been frustrated with stock levels on sizes, have another run past the store as we are bringing in a restock as we speak.

Thank you all for your patience and the support that you have offered us over the years. A special thanks to everyone that has dropped us a note to keep us going through the past year. It has not been easy, but we are fully committed to keeping the brand going and growing over the years, and we are not letting go.

You guys keep us going. For that, we dig deep into our own resolve. Cheers.

The great news is we are working on a complimentary design to the King Cobra design. The King cobra is more of the 'fire' in the Chillin and Killin, and the new drop will reflect more of the 'ice' from our ethos. The vibe will still very much be in the mode of the dramatic impact because we all want to make a statement. It will tug on the sleeve of being ice cool and knowing how to chill the hell out…

Keep checking the site as we explore this new adventure. 


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