Hoodies, You and the feedback…

Hoodies, You and the feedback…

We hear you loud and clear. You are screaming from the rooftops and giving us direct feedback.

"Hey Bro, when are you gonna get in some new Hoodies. I love what you do, and I have a couple already; any new designs or colours?"

Got it. Love the feedback, and keep it coming. There are a couple of new hoodies on order so watch this space. Our suppliers are getting back after the recent lockdown restrictions, so things are starting to move for us on that front.

We are also getting the idea that you want some fresh new colours, which we are on. You want colours to compliment your look for the summer and something that you can wear under your jacket during the rougher days on the weather front.

Good old unpredictable weather. Gotta Luv it.

We hear you.

While we get our orders organised, have a gander at our current hoodies. They are made in a way to give full respect to the planet. 

They are Vegan and Peta Approved using, 85% Organic Ring-spun Combed Cotton and 15% Recycled Polyester. 

They look great, feel great on your body, and they do a bit for the planet—one of our core values.


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