Be more Keanu.

Be more Keanu.



Be more Keanu.

Today was a day that things did not go to plan, but it is cool. We get that.

Some days are sent to test us, but I always stick with one of my personal mantras...

"Be more Keanu."

This came about when I watched a video of when Keanu Reeves bike was backed into by a woman in a car. The paparazzi had caught it all and waited for the Keanu to come back. The women claimed to the paps that it wasn't her fault, and the cops were called to the scene. Who knows who called the cops? But they had arrived before Keanu had got back to his bike, and it seemed like a set-up to cause a scene. The woman and the accident were real, the cops real, but the fact they were all put together seemed to me to be the work of the paparazzi.

Anyway, Keanu comes back, and everything is tense as the paps get their cameras ready to snap a pic of an angry Keanu, and what he did was none of that crazy shit. He spoke to the lady in the car to make sure she was alright. He told the cops if his bike started, he would be just fine, and no charges or anything was necessary. He demonstrated fantastic patience, started his motorcycle and drove off like the cool m*******ing guy that he is.

So when I am getting tested for whatever reason, I think to myself… 'Be more Keanu.' 

That keeps my mind calm and my heart and head in the game.


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